The 1X11 Manifestation Method in 6 Quick Steps

Want to try the TikTok-certified 1X11 manifestation method? Here's a step-by-step guide for getting started.

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  • 1X11 manifestation method can be used for harnessing the power of the number 111 and the Law of Attraction
  • This manifestation technique has gone viral on both Instagram and TikTok
  • In this article, I will show you how to do the 1X11 manifestation method in 6 steps

The social media platform TikTok has been a surprisingly positive influence on the popularity of the spiritual world. Many of my friends who have never even heard of things like mindfulness and affirmations have been asking me about manifestation.

All because they heard about some spiritual techniques on TikTok.
The 1X11 manifestation method that we are talking about today is yet another technique that has gained traction on TikTok.

The premise of this manifestation method is simple enough – by harnessing the power of number 111 (more on that powerful number later) and the Law of Attraction, you can manifest all of your wishes into reality.

All it takes is a journal or a notebook, a pen, and a commitment to manifesting for 11 days straight. Sounds exciting? Well, let’s dive right in and see what this manifestation method is all about.

Let’s start by looking at what the 1X11 manifestation method is based on.

What is The 1X11 Manifestation Method?

The 1X11 manifestation method is a simple technique that can be used to manifest all your dreams and desires. It is based on the principle that by harnessing the magical power of the number 111, you can program your subconscious mind to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Not only will you be writing the affirmations for 11 days straight, but you will also write your affirmations 11 times in a row. You will do so once in the morning and once in the evening.

So, what is the significance of number 111?

In spirituality, number 1 is associated with independence and motivation. Number 11 is also significant – this number is commonly associated with finding the very purpose of your soul. Combine these two numbers and you get 111, a number that has significant spiritual power if used correctly. And, the 1X11 manifestation method is one of the best ways of harnessing the spiritual power of this number.

What Can You Manifest With The 1X11 Manifestation Method?

Anything. There is only one catch – it must be what you truly want. Manifestation is about tapping into the very power of the universe. And, the universe will not help you if your wishes are not aligned with what your heart and soul truly want.

Do not get me wrong, you can use the 1X11 manifestation technique for manifesting wealth and other material things. As long as the wish comes from your heart, nothing is off-limits.

But how do I know which of my wishes are real and which wishes are forced on me by society, close ones, and colleagues? Simple. Trust your gut.

If just thinking about your wish becoming true makes you feel warm and fuzzy, you are on the right track.

How to do The 1X11 Manifestation Method?

So, you have decided to give the 1X11 Manifestation Method a shot. Solid idea!

Go find a pen and a notebook or a journal. Also, try to find a spot where you will not be disturbed for half an hour. Ready? Let’s get started.

Step 1: Decide what you want to manifest

Hopefully, this part will come easy for you. Before you get into the process of doing the 1X11 manifestation method, take some time and think about what would make the biggest positive impact on your life and well-being.

It could be anything from finding a new romantic partner to owning a yacht. If it is your true wish and you use the 1X11 manifestation method correctly, the universe will eventually come to your aid.

Step 2: Schedule 11 days ahead in your notebook or journal

Feel free to skip this step if you wish. Just know that you will be writing for 11 days in a row. And, it is crucial that you don’t skip a single day.

For some reason, I have found that marking the 11 days before writing is helpful for keeping the routine going.

Step 3: Write an affirmation based on your wish

Hopefully, you have now figured out what you want to manifest into the world. The next step is to put your wish into words.

You will want to write the affirmation as if you already have the object of your desire.

Let’s say that I have a birthday party coming up and my biggest wish would be for the party to succeed.

If this would be my wish, the manifestation I would write would go something like this – “I am having the time of my life. The universe and my friends have blessed me with the best birthday party I could ever dream of.”

This was just an example, so feel free to write about your wish in your own words. What matters is that you write as if you already have what you wished for. It is also helpful if you include a sentence that describes your positive emotional state upon receiving your wish.

Step 5: Write your affirmation 11 times in a row in the evening

Hopefully, writing the affirmations in the morning did set your day up for success. Now, once you are done with your (hopefully amazing) day, it is time to repeat the process and write down your affirmations before going to sleep.

Again, you will write the affirmations down exactly 11 times. Here, I would suggest making it a routine to write the affirmations right before falling to sleep.

Doing this will put you in a good mindset and make your sleep very restful.

Step 6: Repeat the process for 11 days

From my experience, people usually think that this process will be annoying before actually trying it. This is understandable – writing the same sentence 22 times for 11 days might remind us of annoying homework.

Well, I have yet to hear of a single person who found this routine hard to follow. Just do this for one day and you will see how much of a positive charge you will get from writing affirmations in the beginning and at the end of your day.

That said, if you do not notice improvements in your mood and vibration after the first day, do not give up.
The universe works in mysterious ways. And, if you want results, it is key that you do the 1X11 manifestation method for 11 days straight. Remember that this whole process is about harnessing the magic of number 111!

The 1X11 manifestation method is a powerful way to manifest your desires, goals, and dreams. If you are new to the spiritual world, this method might be an excellent place for you to start learning about how to get what you want in life by using manifestation.

It’s also great if you’re looking for something that feels manageable and easy after reading through other much more difficult manifestation methods!

With that, I would like to wrap things up for today. I sincerely hope you will have fun experimenting with the 1X11 manifestation technique. Who knows, maybe the life of your dreams is just one manifestation away!