18 Heart Chakra Affirmations for Attracting Love

In this article, you will find 18 powerful heart chakra affirmations for unblocking the chakra directly responsible for the abundance of love in your life.

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heart chakra affirmations
  • The heart chakra is responsible for regulating empathy, love, and hope for the future
  • The heart chakra is considered the human spiritual center
  • Healing the heart chakra will lead to greater empathy, feelings of love, and emotional wholeness
  • Use the 18 affirmations in this article to heal your heart chakra

The heart chakra, also known as the fourth chakra, is located in the center of your spine and is directly responsible for your emotional well-being. When this chakra is open and balanced, you feel love, joy, and peace. However, when it is blocked or imbalanced, you may experience emotions such as anger, sadness, or fear.

But why is the heart chakra so closely associated with regulating our emotions? The answer lies in the development stage of the heart chakra. You see, the heart chakra develops from the early to mid-twenties. This time is commonly associated with our first real romantic relationships and our first real heartbreaks.

It’s important to take care of your heart chakra, and one of the best ways to do that is by using affirmations. In a nutshell, affirmations are positive statements that you repeat to yourself. These statements will then help with opening up the heart chakra and promoting emotional healing.

Below, you will find 18 powerful heart chakra affirmations that you can use to help you feel loved, appreciated, and fulfilled.

I am open to love and all forms of positive energy

This heart chakra affirmation will remind you to accept love every single day. And, this is not limited to romantic love. This affirmation also reminds you to accept the loving energy of nature, your family, and even random strangers. Love is everywhere around us, but sometimes we will need small reminders to see it.

I am surrounded by love and light in every moment

This affirmation is similar to #1 on our list, but with a slight difference – this affirmation reminds you that love is all around you. The universe and its inhabitants are benevolent by nature. Even under the worst circumstances, you will find love if you truly open your heart.

I appreciate and accept myself exactly as I am

Here, you remind yourself that you are a human being. A human being with a past, a set of flaws, and sometimes plain bad luck. Whoever you are in the material world, your spiritual being is always perfect and will forever stay perfect.

I radiate love and compassion to everyone around me

The heart chakra is a representation of your emotional being. With this affirmation, you open your heart to become a beacon of love, forgiveness, and compassion. Radiating this kind of energy will come with dividends – you will quickly find yourself becoming more loved and respected. Yes, even by random strangers.

All of my relationships are based on love and respect

This affirmation will remind you that all your relationships should be based on positive energy. Even if you have heavy disagreements with someone, you should always stay respectful and loving. Our spiritual beings are not the same, nor do they have to be. This does not mean that love and respect have to be out of the picture. You CAN love and respect someone while also having a conflict with another human being.

I am open to giving and receiving love

Your life can only move forward if you truly accept the presence of love in your life. Once you learn how to accept love and truly love yourself, you can also start giving out true love. Spiritual, unconditional love has nothing to do with materialism. Instead, it is all about the true acceptance of another human being.

I am worthy of love and compassion

Even at your darkest, your true spirit remains worthy of love and compassion. This affirmation is all about self-acceptance that goes beyond all deeds we have done in the material world.

I forgive myself and others for any hurtful actions in the past

While the #7 heart chakra affirmation was about empathy, this one is about self-forgiveness. In the grand scheme of the universe, everyone is ultimately worthy of forgiveness. And yes, that includes yourself.

I cherish and appreciate all the relationships in my life

Human beings are social animals. This affirmation will remind you not to take any of your relationships for granted. Take care of all your relationships as if they are precious flowers in need of light, love, and nourishment.

I lovingly allow myself to be happy and content in this moment

This affirmation will remind you to accept every moment and situation exactly as it is. Be grateful for the gift of life exactly as it is in this moment. If you find yourself in an unfortunate life situation, just acknowledging the present moment is enough. Ultimately, everything is fleeting. This includes the unfortunate circumstances you currently find yourself in.

I am open to new and healthier relationships in the future

Even the worst relationships of your life ultimately have meaning. Think of your bad relationships as teachers sent by the universe. Teachers that show you what to avoid and what to look for in your future relationships.

I release all negative energy and emotions from the past

This heart chakra affirmation will gently remind you to let go of the past. Your spiritual being is being rejuvenated each and every moment. This means that every moment is a chance for you to reinvent yourself.

I breathe in love and light, and exhale any negativity or pain

In spirituality, the very act of breathing is a gateway to your spirit. Be mindful of how you breathe, especially in tough situations. Try to take full, slow breaths. You can also try to visualize breathing in warmth and light. Whenever you exhale, imagine all negativity and heaviness leaving your body.

I am surrounded by an aura of love and protection at all times

The universe always has your side. This heart chakra affirmation is a reminder that as long as you keep your spirit healthy, you are being protected by higher powers.

I am in control of my own emotions and I am free to feel what I feel

This affirmation will give you permission to fully feel your every emotion. Fully acknowledging your emotions is also key to actually having some control over them. If you know exactly what and how you feel, you are free to decide whether that emotion is helpful to you at that moment. If not, you can let that emotion go.

I am open to giving and receiving love in all forms

Love is all around us. Unfortunately, so many of us have been hurt by life so badly that we have trouble receiving love. No matter what happened in the past, you are worthy of love here and now. This affirmation is a reminder of that.

I allow myself to feel the joy and happiness that love brings

Letting love in is one thing, letting it wash all over you is something else entirely. Enjoy being loved, enjoy every minute of feeling special, and most importantly, know that you truly are worthy of this emotion.

I am grateful for the love that surrounds me in every moment

Becoming grateful for the emotion of love is crucial for the evolution of your spirit. Every time you feel loved, quietly thank the universe using this affirmation. As a result, you will allow even more love to enter your life.

Positive affirmations are a great way to open the heart chakra because they tell your subconscious mind what you want it to know. As a result, you will see changes in how you feel, act, and perform in this world. You will also notice being more aware and in control of all your emotions.

When it comes to affirmations, I have also noticed a great correlation.
You see, the more you repeat these heart chakra affirmations, the more likely it is that your life will begin to reflect them – so say them with full conviction and do so often!