How to Raise Your Vibration: 13 Easy Tips

Increasing your spiritual frequency is key to living a happy and successful life. Here are 13 easy tips for raising your vibration.

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  • All human beings are made of vibrating energy
  • People vibrating at a higher frequency are generally more happy, successful, and driven
  • Use the 13 tips in this article to start vibrating at a higher frequency

If you’ve been reading spiritual material for any length of time then you’ve probably heard people talk about raising your vibration or increasing the level of your spiritual energy, but what exactly does this mean in real life?

Every person has a vibrational frequency that they resonate at. Kind of like how every radio station has a unique frequency that it broadcasts on.

Your vibrational frequency can have a strong impact on your reality because everything you perceive is being filtered through your own unique set of beliefs and expectations before it even gets to your senses.

So if you happen to be resonating at a lower vibration than the one you desire, then you will only attract more experiences in alignment with your current low frequency.

So what can you do to start vibrating at a higher frequency? Read on for simple ways to raise your vibration quickly.


Gratitude journals (and practicing thankfulness) are an easy and quick way of shifting your energies in a positive direction. The vibration of gratitude allows for feelings of happiness and contentment; having grateful feelings brings us closer to our higher selves!

If you are not big on writing, then know that gratitude doesn’t necessarily have to come in written form. You can express the same emotion through kindness (especially when someone least expects it), actively listening when others need an ear, or by offering support when needed.

What if you simply have no reason to be grateful and kind in your current life state? Well, not to be too blunt, but I don’t buy it. In fact, tragic situations often present us with the greatest opportunities for spiritual growth.

Avoid low-vibration food

The body is the vessel that carries your soul around on this planet, so you should always make sure it’s functioning at its best. What you plant in your garden (or your stomach) is what you will get out of it, so eat well and choose quality goods.

Now, I am by no means that knowledgeable about diet. So, I will just share what has worked for me – look for foods that are signed as 100% organic, have meat-free days during your week, and reduce your sugar intake.

These 3 tips are very easy-to-follow and do not ask you to make drastic changes to your lifestyle. You are bound to resonate with a higher vibration once you make these tiny adjustments.

Meditate regularly

Meditation creates a vacuum in the mind, allowing the person to use their higher self as a conduit for spiritual energy. This can be used to attract bliss or divine love into your life.

The benefits of meditation are well-documented and would easily fill an article that is several pages long. What you need to know is that meditation is not only good for your spirit, but for your body as well.

Surround yourself with positive people

Laughter is infectious! The more you laugh, the more you feel uplifted.

Instead of hanging around personalities who are draining your energy, make an effort to spend time with friends and family who are always happy to see you and lift you up.

Obviously, it is nearly impossible to completely avoid people with negative energy.
We will eventually have to deal with people we do not like – this is just how the world works. The solution here is surprisingly simple – be consciously aware of how you react to people with negative energy. Your awareness alone will provide a protective barrier from all the negativity.

Spend time outdoors regularly

Being in an urban city can be energizing because there are lots of people moving about. Still, occasionally being in nature is more than important for our spiritual energy.

It reminds us that we’re part of something much bigger than ourselves. When we feel closer to the earth, we feel closer to all living things beyond just our own species.

Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean you have to start camping every weekend. Just make sure to get at least half an hour of fresh air every day. Oh, and during the time you are outside, take your time to fully connect with nature.

For that time, turn off your phone and clear your mind of everything besides the majestic outdoors. After your daily trip to nature, you WILL feel your vibrational frequency raise.

Clear your living space

When you live in a messy environment, your mind gets easily cluttered and it’s hard to think clearly and feel openhearted.

You see, the clutter in a living space absorbs negative energy that can weigh heavily on our moods.

If you don’t already do it regularly, take inventory in your home and make sure that every item in your home serves a purpose and legitimately makes you happy. Not only will your living space get more spacious, but you will also raise your vibration. A win-win if I ever saw one!

If you do want to take the process of cleaning a bit further, you can also energetically clear your space by burning sage.

Get creative

Creativity is the source of tremendous positive energy. This makes creativity one of the easiest ways to raise your vibration.

Now, I already hear some of you saying that you are not a creative person at all. Well, I’m gonna make a bold statement and say that as long as you are breathing, you have unlimited creative potential inside you. All of us are creators in one way or another.

You do not have to paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling to be considered an artist. Instead, try harnessing your creativity in simple ways – paint, pen a short story, write a haiku. The examples are nearly endless.

If you are self-conscious, then feel free to keep your art to yourself. The positive influence on your vibration will be there nevertheless.

Practice yoga or tai chi

In addition to meditation, yoga or tai chi can be extremely effective tools for helping you to connect with your spiritual side. In fact, science has shown how certain forms of yoga can help us grow grey matter in our brains, which translates into improved emotional control and increased empathy towards others.

Here, we have yet another win-win. You will improve your vibration while also improving your physical shape.

Get enough sleep

How often have you found yourself feeling more irritable and stressed after a bad night’s sleep?

Stress might feel like an unavoidable side effect of a hectic lifestyle, but one of the tricks for combating everyday stress is actually pretty simple: make sure you get enough rest every night to stay positive throughout the day!

If you struggle with sleeping problems, simply practicing mindfulness before bed can help immensely.

Take cold showers

Cold showers can be extremely unpleasant at first – but don’t give up on them after one try; the benefits are well worth the temporary shock!

Not only does freezing water increase your blood circulation and energy levels, but it also helps you to stay focused on the present moment. Taking cold showers is like giving yourself an invigorating spiritual wake-up call that leaves you full of life and renewed focus. Of course, the frequency of your energy will follow suit by going higher.

Limit your alcohol intake

While many people rely on a glass of wine to relax after a hard day at work, alcohol is definitely not something that will help you with your vibrational energy!

If anything, consuming alcohol actually lowers your vibrational energy, since it is a depressant. This is why you often feel tired after a night of drinking and partying – once the stimulating effect wears off, you are left in a lower state of being than before consuming the drinks.

That said, I am not completely against alcohol. A glass or two in great companionship can be amazing. Alcohol only starts to affect your vibration if you drink too heavily and too often.

So, if you are planning on taking the spiritual path, I suggest taking an honest look at your drinking habits. You just might discover that this habit is one of the things holding you back from vibrating at a higher frequency.

Become aware of your breath

If you pay attention to the rhythm of your breath, you will usually be able to feel when it speeds up or slows down.

The rhythm of your breath is a great indicator of your current spiritual state. If you are breathing too quickly, it is usually a sign that the stress levels in your body are too high.

By concentrating on inhaling and exhaling slowly, calmly, and deeply for a while you can balance out the stress levels in your body which will have a positive impact on your vibrational frequency.


Another way to raise your vibration is by raising your energy level through exercising. You don’t necessarily need to become a professional sportsman; just playing with children for example will allow you to release some tension from your mind without even noticing this.

Make a conscious effort to be physically active for at least 25 minutes each day and the positive effects will quickly be reflected in your spiritual body.

It’s important to take care of your mind, body and spirit. One of the easiest ways of doing so is by raising your vibration. I sincerely hope this list inspired you to make some changes in the way that you live your life!

Please let me know if any of these tips resonate with you or what other suggestions might be helpful for raising one’s vibration.