20 Sacral Chakra Affirmations for Positive Energy

In this article, you will find 20 affirmations for unblocking the chakra responsible for your creative and sexual energy, the sacral chakra.

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  • The sacral chakra is responsible for handling your creativity, sexuality, sensitivity, and self-expression
  • A blocked sacral chakra can lead to low confidence, low sexual energy, and a feeling of general stuckness
  • Here are 20 of the most powerful sacral chakra affirmations for unblocking the second chakra

The sacral chakra (also known as the Svadhisthana) is located in the lower abdomen, just below the navel.

This energy center is responsible for our sense of pleasure and connection to our physical bodies. It is also associated with creativity, emotions, sexuality, and intuition.

The Svadhisthana is associated with the spiritual element of water. As you may know, water represents flow and purity. In this context, the element of water represents the pure, harmonious flow between the human mind, body, and soul.

When the sacral chakra is blocked, we may feel disconnected from our bodies, experience low self-esteem, or feel a general lack of purpose. The blockage of this chakra can also result in decreased libido and a feeling of overall low sexual energy. On the other hand, when it is open and balanced we may experience a greater sense of connection to ourselves and others. We enjoy feelings of confidence, lifted creativity, and a lively sense of sexuality.

Unblocking the sacral chakra starts, first of all, with clear intention and belief. You must believe in your ability to unblock the sacral chakra and heal your body and spirit.

Once you have the belief, you need to incorporate powerful sacral chakra affirmations into your daily routine. You can do so by repeating these affirmations as mantras, meditating on them, or even journaling them. The decision is up to you – the affirmations will be effective whichever way you choose to use them.
You will find the most powerful sacral chakra affirmations below. I will also be including a few explanatory sentences with each individual affirmation. This is so you could understand what in particular makes that affirmation so important for your healing.

Without further ado, these are the 20 most powerful affirmations for unblocking your sacral chakra:

I am beautiful just as I am

This sacral chakra affirmation is all about self-acceptance. You fully accept all aspects of your physical, spiritual, and mental being. This affirmation will make you become proud of even the sides of your being that you were previously afraid to show.

I am ready to awaken my sexuality

This affirmation is similar to #1, but it has a more specific message. Unlike in affirmation #1, where you were accepting all your physical and emotional aspects including the sexual ones, this affirmation talks about unblocking your sexual energy specifically. You are recognizing your own unique sexual nature and become proud of everything related to your sexual energy.

Every time I think, speak, or act from love, my sacral chakra opens and heals

This affirmation reminds you that your sacral chakra heals every time you come from a place of love. Coming from a place of love does not necessarily mean concrete acts of kindness. Even if you silently wish good on someone in your head counts as acting from love.

I am open to new and exciting experiences in my life

Being open to new experiences makes life worth living. This affirmation reminds you that however stale your life might currently feel, nothing is ever set in stone. Always be open to new people, emotions, and experiences.

I am now overflowing with creativity and joy

This affirmation will help you lead a creative life. Creativity is not only important for creating something concrete like art. Your daily life is a wonderful creative endeavor in itself. Relationships, work, emotions…to handle all of these aspects of your life successfully, you need to be creative. This affirmation will help with that.

I easily find pleasure in all that I do

This sacral chakra affirmation is a reminder to find joy in all your daily activities. Even things as simple as washing the dishes, starting your car, or exchanging a smile with a stranger can be tremendous sources of vibrant joy. Happiness is usually not circumstantial. Instead, it is a choice. Remember that!

My sexuality is healthy, vibrant, and expressed in a way that is true to myself

The sacral chakra is THE sexuality chakra. Keeping this chakra unblocked is the very key to living a sexually fulfilling life. This affirmation will remind you that you are full of your own unique and healthy sexual energy.

I release all judgment of others and embrace acceptance of everyone who comes into my life

During your lifetime, you will come across hundreds of thousands of people. All of them with different backgrounds, opinions, and unique life stories. You are bound to have heavy disagreements with some of these people. This affirmation will remind you not to be judgmental, even if the views of the other are completely different from yours. You will not have to agree with everyone, but it is not up to you to be judgmental.

I am able to maintain healthy boundaries without shutting people out of my life

This sacral chakra affirmation is related to the #8 affirmation. You should not be judgmental, true. This, however, does not mean that you do not have the right to set your boundaries. If you feel as if someone has been unjust to you, speak up. Even if the person who violated your boundaries is close to you. ESPECIALLY if this someone is close to you. Chances are that this person was not even aware that he was hurting you. Always speak your truth. Clear communication (even if it is uncomfortable) is key to great relationships in all areas of your life. This affirmation serves as a reminder of that.

I trust in the universe, knowing that everything is working out for my highest good

When things are rough, it is next to impossible to believe that the universe is working with me. However, the universe always has your back. Current negative events might be little more than signposts from the universe guiding you in another direction. Hold this affirmation dear to your heart, especially during difficult times.

I remove all negative influences from my life and surround myself with positive people who support my growth

It is impossible to always be surrounded by people you click with. Still, if you want to constantly grow as a human being, it is crucial to keep your close circle full of positive influence. If you do have an issue with someone, remind yourself of affirmations #8 and #9 and take steps to resolve those issues.

I am grateful for all the lessons life has thrown my way, knowing that they have made me stronger

This sacral chakra affirmation reminds you to always see the big picture – your body, spirit, and mind are always aligned with the universe. This means that every experience life throws your way, good or bad, should be seen as a lesson.

I now allow myself to experience pleasure in all forms - physical, emotional, and spiritual

This sacral chakra affirmation is all about accepting that you are a being fully deserving of pleasure. However busy your life gets, always make pleasure one of the priorities. If you fully let yourself experience pleasure, you will be recharged and ready to tackle even the toughest of trials life throws your way.

I am open to new love interests, and I allow myself to trust others and be vulnerable

All of us are human. We have our flaws, prejudices, and complicated backstories. Sometimes, it can be next to impossible to truly let your guard down and be vulnerable. However, vulnerability is what generates trust and builds relationships. This affirmation is a reminder to always give love a chance and be vulnerable.

I embrace all my emotions, acknowledging them as a part of who I am without attaching too much meaning to them

Think of your emotions as something that always changes – like the weather. Even the deepest sadness will eventually pass. The same goes for the highest euphoria. Feel free to enjoy the full range of your emotions, but never get too attached to an individual emotion. This affirmation will remind you that all emotions pass.

When I feel anger, frustration, or sadness, I now know how to release it from my body in a healthy manner that doesn't hurt anyone else

This sacral chakra affirmation will remind you to release low emotions without hurting your fellow humans. If you are feeling frustrated, turn to spiritual practices instead of inflicting harm on your companions. Use mindfulness, meditation, affirmations, or mantras to get yourself into a more positive headspace.

I recognize that my goals and dreams are important to me and worth working towards

No goal is ever too big. If you truly set your mind, spirit, and body to a benevolent goal, it is ultimately possible. This affirmation reminds you that you should never be afraid to dream big and work towards all your goals, both big and small

I forgive myself for all the mistakes I have made in the past, and commit to making better choices moving forward

Everyone makes mistakes. Without our mistakes, it would be impossible for us to evolve and become better versions of ourselves. This sacral chakra affirmation is a reminder that self-forgiveness is one of the most important qualities for making progress as a spiritual being.

Every day, I am becoming more and more comfortable and confident in my own body and spirit

This affirmation reminds you that you are a work-in-progress that is always learning about yourself. The more you learn about yourself, the more you also accept yourself.

I am a powerful being who is capable of anything I put my mind to

The last sacral chakra affirmation on our list is perhaps the most powerful of them all. This affirmation reminds you that your spirit is unbreakable, even in the toughest of situations. I highly suggest you use this affirmation before a particularly challenging task. You will see that the task will not feel nearly as daunting as it used to.

Each of these affirmations is incredibly important in unblocking your sacral chakra. By repeating them regularly, you will open yourself up to new and exciting experiences, increased creativity and joy, and more vibrant sexuality.

You will also find that you are better able to maintain healthy boundaries in your relationships and that you are capable of forgiving yourself for past mistakes. Most importantly, you will come to know and accept yourself as the powerful being that you are. Namaste.