45 Self-Love Affirmations for Radiating and Attracting Love

Self-love can lead you to happiness and success. Here are 45 self-love affirmations to use for radiating and attracting love into your life.

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  • Practicing self-love is the most important thing for your long-term emotional and physical well-being
  • One of the best ways of cultivating self-love is by using affirmations
  • Use the 45 self-love affirmations on this list to start cultivating genuine love for yourself and the people around you

Self-love is the most important thing in life and the ultimate key to finding happiness and love. Loving yourself takes work and daily effort, but this guide will greatly help you reach your self-love goals.

Together we’ll cover what self-love entails, some common barriers to practicing it, how to make using these affirmations the most effective, and what you need to know about self-love affirmations.

Finally, we will be looking at the best self-love affirmations themselves. I will also add a few sentences about what makes that particular affirmation such an important one.

Barriers to practicing self-love

When you’re struggling with feelings of low self-worth or not feeling genuine love for yourself, it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to properly show affection towards others. Lack of genuine affection towards others will also be a major roadblock for the ability to receive genuine love and care from others.

As a strange paradox, another barrier to practicing self-love is the time it takes daily to accept yourself for who you are and see your own beauty, rather than always trying to please others. So, when you are just starting to learn and use the self-love affirmations in this article, remember that these practices aren’t about pleasing others.

Instead, they’re about being more self-sufficient, loving yourself above all else, and doing what makes YOU and your spirit happy.

Once you start your process of using the self-love affirmations and learning to love yourself, you’ll be amazed at how much easier it becomes to practice self-love every single day.
Soon enough, you’ll be loving yourself so much that you won’t even need self-love affirmations anymore, these practices will just come naturally.

What makes using these affirmations effective?

When you repeat something over and over again in your mind or out loud your mind will start believing it and acting as if it is true. We all have the power to create our own reality, our mindset is what helps us achieve this.

That’s why affirmations are so powerful when used properly. They help you take control of your life and they help you become more positive in general.

How to make using these affirmations the most effective?

Be sure to read through all of these affirmations, visualize them in your mind, and repeat them out loud. It’s best if you can memorize at least 5-10 of these affirmations so that you can use them multiple times a day.

There are many things you could do while repeating an affirmation, such as walking the dog, taking a shower, or brushing your teeth. You could even read an affirmation out loud while looking at yourself in the mirror for maximum effect.

Affirmations are best said with conviction and feeling. If possible be sure to say it with enthusiasm, sense of purpose, and understanding. It may be helpful to remember that you are your own best friend, love yourself unconditionally, and would never do anything to hurt yourself. The more you say them the better they are at getting into your subconscious mind where they positively influence you.

As you have now received some information about what self-love affirmations are and how to maximize their success, let’s look at the 45 best self-love affirmations that anyone can use.

45 Best Self-Love Affirmations to Use

I will not care what people think of me anymore. I am doing this for me.

Whatever your goals might be, you need to make sure that you are moving towards these goals only for yourself. Forget about the expectations of your family, friends, and society. Ultimately, you are in this life for you and only you.

I am beautiful just the way I am.

You are a beautiful human being, both from the inside and outside. Your so-called “beauty and character flaws” only further decorate your divine being.

I will not let people judge me anymore because it's none of their business what I do with my life.

You, and only you, are the judge of your actions and life. It is not up to others to pass judgment about your activities. Once you understand this fact with your heart and soul, you will start to truly love yourself.

People that don't appreciate my worth are not in my life, good riddance!

Toxic people can do loads of harm to your mind, spirit, and body. Using this self-love affirmation daily will make you understand the importance of surrounding yourself with positivity.

The only person stopping me from achieving success is ME. I can do it!

Mindset is everything. This is known by nearly all high-performers in the world. You are the one single thing holding yourself back from what you want to achieve. This affirmation will help you remind yourself of this and help you to get out of your own way.

No one else will ever love me as much as I love myself, for this reason no one else matters.

This might sound harsh and unfriendly, but it is true nevertheless. Ultimately, you are the only constant in your life. And, a loving relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. Nurture yourself!

I am beautiful and strong, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Your inner beauty and strength are some of the most important attributes of your soul. Never let anyone tell you that it is wrong to feel beautiful and strong. Be proud of your power, even if every aspect of your life seems to be out of your control at the moment.

If people don't like me for who I am, that's their problem, not mine.

If you are true to your soul and spirit and still struggle with finding understanding from others, it is not your problem. It is not up to you to decide how other people relate to you. Always remember this and still stay true to your spirit and body.

I will remember that everyone is fighting a battle, don't hate someone because they are hurting.

When you do not agree with someone, it is easy to fall into blaming others for their choices, personalities, and lifestyles. The truth is, they might be struggling just as hard as you have. Always try to have an understanding soul and listen with an open heart. Especially if your partner seems to have fundamentally different views from your own.

I am respectful and kind to other people, no matter who they are or what they've done.

Respectfulness and kindness are the fundamentals of all human communication. No one is asking you to always love what the other party says…but stay human, always. You might just be surprised by how much your self-love levels will grow together with your empathy.

Being alone does not mean being lonely, it's beautiful to be comfortable with yourself.

You know that you have fully embraced self-love the moment that you are fully comfortable with your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions without needing to articulate them to other people. It is enough to be alone and simply embrace your own presence. This affirmation will help you to love this feeling.

I will not blame someone else for how my life is going, it's up to me now.

In the end, everything is under your control. The sooner you accept this, the easier your life will become.

It is okay to disagree with people from time to time, as long as I am respectful about it.

Miscommunications happen even between some of the most experienced and spiritually-aware monks. No one is immune to conflict. It is a part of life. What is important is that you handle your conflicts with respect and presence.

No one can take advantage of me anymore without my permission.

You are the master of your actions, emotions, and spiritual state. Never let anyone take advantage of you without your permission.

My needs and wants are just as important as anyone else's.

It is too easy to unconsciously step into the role of a caregiver. Try your hardest to avoid becoming one and understand that your needs are just as important as those of the people around you.

Today, I decide the kind of person I am going to be.

Each and every day is a chance for you to become an entirely new person. Each morning, use this quick self-love affirmation to remind you that this new day is, quite literally, a new beginning.

It is okay to change my mind about things, it doesn't make me indecisive or a pushover.

The fact that you change your mind about a person, a situation, or yourself does not mean that you are an insincere yo-yo of a person. It is ok for your mind to shift, not only once, but tens of times if the changes come from your heart and spirit.

I will not let people bring me down anymore, time for some positivity in my life.

You are responsible for the happiness and positivity in your life. You are also free to emotionally cut off from the energies of people who carry nothing but toxic energy.

I will not tolerate toxic people in my life anymore, goodbye forever!

Sometimes, you simply can’t avoid toxic people, but usually, it is entirely possible. All it takes is strong willpower and an ability to tolerate uncertainty. Your boss has been nothing but toxic? Switch jobs, this workplace is not worth your time and effort. Your partner is only making you responsible? Separate! I fully understand how difficult this might be, but toxic people are not useful for your well-being. Thus, you are responsible for getting rid of them.

It is okay to say "no" when someone asks me for something that is above my capacity.

In the era of “always more”, it can be very difficult to say no to people, things, and events. However, sometimes a decision to give up on something is way more powerful to keep trying. This self-love affirmation is very useful for times when you are facing a difficult decision between saying “no” or “yes”.

I am more than enough just the way I am.

Spiritually, you are already complete. More so – you are perfection. Even with all of your past insecurities, baggage, and flaws of character.

No matter how much I accomplish in life there is always room for improvement.

You can always become better at self-love. From experience, I can say that inner happiness with who I am comes only through daily persistence. I always keep going, even if I feel as if I am already there.

I am young at heart, even though my body may not be as young anymore.

Your spiritual body is about confidence, curiosity, and an openness to everything. It has nothing to do with how old you are or how your physical body looks. This self-love affirmation is a reminder of that.

My past makes me who I am today, without it I would be someone different.

Everything in your past, both the positive and negative, has made you into what you are now – a person fully capable and worthy of self-love.

Being positive will help me accomplish more in life than being negative ever will.

Negativity is just “what it says on the label” – it is a useless feeling that accomplishes nothing. With this self-love affirmation, you become someone who consciously avoids negativity and gravitates towards more productive emotions. Even if negativity was previously your default mode of reacting to various things on the outside.

I owe it to myself to find the good in every situation.

There is some good to be found in even the most hopeless of situations. You owe it to yourself to see this type of goodness in your life, during both good and bad times.

I am too blessed to be stressed and too anointed to be disappointed.

This self-love affirmation is about radical acceptance of everything life throws your way. You enjoy the pure act of living. Nothing more, nothing less.

I choose happiness over sadness, good over bad, love over fear.

Positive emotions always triumph over negative ones. Nothing major has ever been done under the influence of negativity. This is why you need to understand the importance of positivity in your life.

My confidence makes me attractive, but my attitude makes me beautiful.

Confidence looks beautiful on the outside, but people truly relate to how adaptable your spirit is. It is your spiritual attitude that is the true representation of your beauty.

It's okay if someone is prettier than me, smarter than me, thinner than me, but never will it be okay if someone is more confident than me.

Confidence is something that comes from pure spirit. If you manage to keep your spirit clean by using self-love practices, you will be THE most confident person in the room. Always.

I am becoming better and better every day as a person by loving myself.

An effective self-love practice will help you in every aspect of your life. You will see your intelligence, your relationships, and your emotional state take massive and quick strides.

I love so much that it spreads to the people around me.

Loving yourself has a special little side effect of spreading. As you learn to love yourself more, you will also start to notice yourself naturally giving out more love. All your relationships will undergo a massive improvement. Plus, you will find it easier to find new, loving relationships.

I have a lot of things to be grateful for, starting with being alive.

Gratefulness starts from the inside. It has nothing to do with materialism and the number of things you have or do not have. If you really feel as if you have absolutely nothing going for you in life, start simple. Be thankful for the fact that you are able to breathe.

It is okay if someone breaks my heart because eventually they show me who they truly are.

Even if you feel you were entirely responsible for the breakdown of a relationship, it is simply never true. There are always two sides to a conflict. Let this self-love affirmation be your reminder of this fact.

I will always forgive but never forget, then use what happened to grow stronger.

Every situation, person, and emotion in your life is there for a reason. A reason to grow stronger as a spiritual being. There will be a time when you look back at everything with a huge smile on your face.

I will never give up on myself because nothing is impossible if you are willing to work for it.

Spiritual work never ends. Never give up on yourself and you will find that you are able to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

My past has only made me wiser, my hurt has only made me stronger, my pain has only made me smarter, and my mistakes have only made me braver.

As everyone who has ever lived knows, life is a very harsh teacher. There will be times when nothing in your life makes sense and you feel like giving up. In these times, take things one breath at a time. As time passes, you will eventually find that everything that happened was for a reason.

I will not give less than my best to anything that I do.

Put your utmost care into everything that you do. The quality at which you handle your everyday activities and relationships will be reflected back to you. For instance, brushing your teeth can be a meditative practice if you approach it like this. Nothing is unimportant – let this self-love affirmation be a reminder of this.

I will give 100% everyday because if you don't try you will never win in life.

Even if your goals seem unachievable to yourself and others, you simply do not know. That is unless you try. Never give up on anything without trying. Never.

I will work hard and always remember, nothing is impossible with God.

Here, we are not talking about God in religious terms. Your God can be your own spiritual being for whom nothing is achievable. Let this self-love affirmation remind you that for your spirit, there are no unachievable barriers.

The only person stopping me from achieving success is ME. I can do it!

If you think you can do it, you are right. If you don’t think you can do it, you are also right. It is your decision, always.

I will not let anyone tell me that I can't do something.

This self-love affirmation will remind you that you are the only one responsible for what you can and can’t achieve. Never let anyone tell you what you can and can’t achieve.

I will not let anything hold me back from being great.

Never let your thoughts, the people around you, or society in general influence you in how you see yourself and what you want to achieve. There is nothing more important than loving yourself and becoming the greatest version of yourself.

No one can outwork me, no one is more passionate than me, and no one is better at being me than I am.

You already are the ideal version of yourself. This daily self-love affirmation will effectively remind you of this.

If people don't like how amazing I am then it's their problem! They are the ones missing out on life!

It is up to you to make yourself feel as amazing as you could possibly feel. Use self-love practices and you will eventually get there. This state of mind also can’t be affected by negative influences in your life.

Before you start using these affirmations, remember that they will only work if you do. It is important to visualize what you are trying to accomplish and feel the good vibes that come with it. Visualizing your end goal every day and repeating these positive affirmations will help you achieve whatever it is you want in life! Just make sure to put in the work and always try to stay positive, even if it seems like the hardest possible thing you could do!