20 Third Eye Chakra Affirmations for Mental Clarity

Third eye chakra is linked to intuition, mental capability, and imagination. Here are 25 affirmations to help you balance the third eye chakra.

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  • The third eye chakra is responsible for how we perceive the world around us
  • An open third eye chakra can lead to greater mental clarity, a more positive outlook on life, and a deeper connection to everything spiritual
  • Use the 25 affirmations in this article to unblock your third eye chakra

The third eye chakra, also known as the brow chakra, is located between the eyes. It’s considered to be one of seven major energy centers in the body, and it represents mental activity—how we think, reason, and interpret what we see around us.

When we do not care for our third eye chakra, our connection with the world around us will suffer. We might misunderstand others, we might perceive the world as harmful, and we might even have trouble understanding our own thoughts.

However, when our third eye chakra is unblocked, we have a clear view of everything around us. We understand ourselves, our connection to the divine, and we are always open to new ideas.

If you are feeling as if you are in a rut in your personal or professional life, it could mean that your third eye chakra is blocked. There are many practices for balancing chakras – meditation, mindfulness, and yoga are some of the most common practices.

However, there is an even easier way – affirmations. With third eye chakra affirmations, you are directly communicating with your subconscious and the third eye chakra. But, before we proceed to the most effective third eye chakras, allow me to explain how exactly affirmations work and how to use them most effectively.

How to use the third eye chakra affirmations?

To use the affirmations, start by reading over each affirmation several times. You will want to familiarize yourself with the material that you will submit to your subconscious.

Now, when it comes to using the third eye chakra affirmations, there are several methods – some people like to write out an affirmation in their own handwriting; others like to repeat an affirmation out loud. The most important thing is that you think about the words and believe them deep down in your heart and mind.

You can also incorporate third eye chakra affirmations in your meditation practice. As you meditate, you can repeat an affirmation as a mantra – either silently in your mind or out loud. Again, the most important thing is that you repeat the affirmation with feeling and belief.

20 Affirmations for Unblocking the Third Eye Chakra

“I easily interpret thoughts, feelings, ideas, concepts, and information around me.“

In the information age, it is far too easy to have our perceptions clouded by external influences. This third eye chakra affirmation reminds you to know and trust your own mind above all else.

“My eyes are able to pick up much more subtle information than before.“

It is not only your mental clarity that will improve with an open third eye chakra. Greater intuition will literally make you notice details better than ever before. You will start to notice beauty where you have never seen it before. You will also perceive your surroundings with greater clarity.

“I have an open mind - I am able to think about things in new ways.“

This third eye chakra affirmation will remind you to keep an open mind. Sometimes, problems can be solved by simply approaching them from another angle. This affirmation will program your subconscious to see solutions where other people see problems.

“I easily understand my own thoughts and feelings at all times.“

Self-awareness is one of the most mature and useful qualities a human being can have. This third eye chakra affirmation will remind you to always be aware of your thoughts and feelings.

“I am constantly learning - I can see new perspectives on old information.“

There is only one you in the world. This means that your perspective is invaluable. Always make your voice heard and use your unique perspective for the greater good.

“My mind is clear and focused at all times, making it easier for me to concentrate when necessary.“

We are constantly bombarded with distractions in the form of ads, city noises, and useless gossip websites. This third eye chakra affirmation will remind you to keep a clear and focused mind in the face of external distractors.

“My mind adapts to new information quickly - I am able to easily take in new information without feeling overwhelmed.“

A clear mind is like a sponge – it can absorb and process new information without ever getting overwhelmed. This third eye chakra affirmation will directly work on your ability to gain new knowledge and use it for a good cause.

“I am able to think about several things at once.“

Multitasking gets a bad rep sometimes. That said, people with an unblocked third eye chakra are amazing multitaskers. For example, they can prepare for a meeting at work, think about what to eat for dinner, and ponder on the latest book they read. All at once. This third eye chakra affirmation will help you join the ranks of people who truly know how to multitask.

“I interpret the world around me without immediately attaching negative emotions or reactions to my thoughts and feelings.“

You are not your thoughts and emotions. Sometimes when something bad happens, it is crucial to keep a clear head and not get lost in negative emotion. This affirmation will teach you to separate your thoughts and feelings from the situation at hand.

“I am constantly aware of my body, which allows me to focus more clearly on ideas and concepts.“

To be aware of your thoughts and feelings, you first need to be able to be aware of your body. You can start with becoming aware of your breath. It is a simple act that will quickly take you to a more mindful state.

“My thoughts are pure - what I think about is always in line with truth and goodness.“

You are free to be proud of your emotions, intellect, and intuition. That said, your mental capabilities should always be in line with the greater good. As the famous phrase says – “first, do no harm.”

“I am able to think in new and creative ways about information that's been presented to me.“

A balanced third eye chakra can lead to heightened creativity. You will learn to view problems, people, and situations from an entirely different angle. This, of course, will also make you great at tackling everything life throws at you.

“I listen carefully - when others speak, my mind automatically picks up on their true meaning and intent.“

Being a great listener is almost like a superpower. Listen to the other party with the whole of your presence – open your heart, mind, and soul to what the other person is saying. Even if you do not agree with them, always make an effort to truly understand where the other party is coming from.

“My eyes are clear - they focus on the world around me without preconceived notions or assumptions getting in the way.“

Every moment of your life is unique and fresh. This third eye chakra affirmation will remind you to stay present and always see the world as a place full of new opportunities.

“I am open to new ideas and concepts - my mind readily accepts them without feeling overwhelmed.“

With an open third eye chakra, no new experience will terrify you. You will welcome new people, situations, and challenges with open arms. In fact, you constantly enjoy challenging yourself with everything new.

“I easily communicate with my inner world - I can listen to myself think at all times, making me less likely to act on feelings that are not in line with my true self.“

When something goes wrong, your mind can get clouded and you might feel compelled to act in ways that are not in your best interests. If that is the case, use this third eye chakra affirmation to quickly reconnect with your true self. Once you do so, you will act from a place in line with who you truly are.

“My mind is focused at all times - I am able to concentrate on whatever task is at hand, whether it's the work I'm doing right now or tasks I've set for myself for later.“

Being able to concentrate is hard, but a balanced third eye chakra will make it that much easier. Use this affirmation whenever you know that your to-do list is long and you need motivation for being able to concentrate on all your tasks.
This affirmation will remind you to become a fluid spiritual being that quickly adapts to their surroundings. There will always be change. The better you will become at accepting change, the easier your life will get.

“I live in the present moment - everything that happens around me flows into my life without sticking or causing stress or anxiety.“

This is the only moment you ever have. The future has not happened yet, and the past is already over. To live a fulfilling life, one must learn to tune into the present at will. One good way of doing so is using this affirmation.

“I focus on what's most important about a situation at all times.“

This third eye chakra affirmation will remind you to only focus on essentials. When you are studying, focus on what you need to study. When you are at work, focus on your work. When you are communicating with someone, focus on listening with all of your heart. It sounds simple, but staying focused can often be a struggle. This affirmation will help with that.

“I know myself well enough to understand how my mind works - as a result, I can keep it clear and focused at will.“

Only you know how to get the most out of your mental capabilities. Use this affirmation to remind you that you truly are the master of your intellect, emotions, and spirit.
Every emotion, feeling, and physical sensation I have experienced has brought you here. This third eye chakra affirmation reminds you to analyze your past carefully to become a better, more mentally focused version of yourself.

The third eye chakra is the center of intuition and wisdom. It’s also where we find our creativity, imagination, and dreams. To feel good about ourselves and have a positive outlook on life, this chakra must stay balanced.

Affirmations are one way you can easily take care of your third eye chakra with barely any effort! You don’t need expensive or time-consuming treatments when affirmations will do the trick in just seconds each day (or night!).

I sincerely hope you will enjoy using the 20 third eye chakra affirmations in this article and that these affirmations will lead you to a better, more balanced life.